Day One–Wednesday, 9/3/14…Little Shop of Horrors!

…o.k.–I did really well in weaning myself from wheat/gluten on my first day, today. No wheat whatsoever! Yay me!!


However, I did have some rice with my dinner, so I’m not totally grain-free. I’m going to give up wheat over the upcoming week and slowly wean myself from other grains. After a wheat-free day, and 2 cucumbers, 3 oz. of cheese, 2 apples, tuna with cucumbers for lunch, and rice & beef & red peppers for dinner, I had only 8 (one serving) blue corn chips with salsa for an after-dinner snack. I was feeling really good (no bloating, nausea, over-full feeling) until after I ate them–now I have a bloated & sluggish feeling, so I will be giving up corn in milled form immediately, as I’m not liking this horrible feeling–I can actually feel it expand in my stomach and back-up into my esophagus!  Ughhh!


So, this week, I am weaning completely from wheat and corn. Next week, I will wean myself from another grain, and another the week after until I’m grain-free as well as wheat-free.

Notes for Day 1:  Today, I realized I’m addicted to wheat products. I realized this because I had an urge to eat bread-or anything wheat related. The urge just wouldn’t leave.  I fought that urge, big-time today and had a piece of fresh fruit instead.  I also realized that I’ve, basically, been eating breads (wheat) as a ‘filler’ at the expense of healthier foods (apples and other nutritious fruits & veggies) which do not expand in the stomach the same way that wheat and corn do. Bread & wheat products are more filling, more convenient, and, generally, less expensive than other more nutritious foods, so it is easy to grab them and ‘fill up’ on them.  Wheat and grain carbs are addicting in that once you ‘fill-up’ on them you’re not hungry for a little longer than you would be if you ate an apple instead–but that ‘little longer’ is, generally short-lived and, like the man-eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors, our bodies demand more…and more…and more of it in order to satisfy that ‘fill ‘er up’ sensation.  Feed ME Seymour!!!  Time to starve the Wheat Beast!!   🙂


If you’ve given up wheat and/or other grains, please share with us how long you’ve been wheat-free, why you decided to do it, and how you feel now.  Your input and encouragement is greatly appreciated! 


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