Day Two: The Good Samaritan–Thursday, 9/4/14

Today was a challenge to stay away from Wheat. Wouldn’t you know that a good Samaritan brought me 2 loaves of honey- wheat bread and a pizza, seeing I had hardly no wheat or food left in my house the day before!  Yikes!! Beware of…


While I am sincerely grateful, and others in my household will surely eat it up, it made for a hugely tempting day knowing it was here in the house, seemingly, begging to be gobbled-up!   :-/    Despite the temptation, I stayed true to my wheat-free commitment having peaches for breakfast, tuna & cucumber slices for lunch and a grilled chicken in a salad for dinner. The need for that ‘full feeling’ carb rush is subsiding! 


Sad to say, however, while I should have rewarded myself for resisting temptation all day with an apple, (ironic, right?) that, instead, I consoled myself with a medium-sized macadamia-nut cookie (made with almond flour & Stevia, which was yum!) and a half-cup of vanilla soft-serve ice-cream after my son’s school open house tonight, probably negating any weight loss I had from being good the past couple of days.  Here I am lapping it up–enjoying to the max!  lol.


That said and done, even with the ice-cream consumption I’m feeling better and had a bit more energy today than the past couple of weeks, so I’ll take it!  🙂  My additional challenge is to not replace wheat with sugar-laden substitutes, despite the temptation to get my sugar fix via ice cream and increasing my dark chocolate intake!  Although I’m not a big sugar fan or consumer, I can see, after today, how easy it would be to do in exchange for that ‘quick carb fix’ that wheat provides, so I will have to watch that with the sugar-laden stuff, big-time! 


Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring in my new Wheat-Free world!  😉

Please share your challenges and/or what you are doing or have done to overcome these temptations!  🙂

Thanks to for the pic and to Stoyn Ice-cream for the personality-flavored ice-cream pops!  🙂


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