Day Three: Eureka! It’s The Bob Evan’s Curse! (Friday, 9/5/14)

Eureka!! After three days of the new Wheat-Free Me, I’m down 3 lbs.!!


Granted, some of you may say that 2 lbs. is the typical fluctuating weight, and/or water-weight so it’s nothing to write home (or blog to others) about. However, I’ve weighed myself at the outset in every scenario possible. Wednesday, I was five pounds heavier with my typical clothes (no shoes). I was three pounds heavier without my typical clothes, meaning my clothes weigh nearly 2# themselves.


Accounting for clothing weight of 2# (without my typical sneakers) that leaves an actual 3# of the original 5#. So, even counting for a ‘typical’ 2# water-loss, I’m down a solid pound after 3 days–and NO bloated feeling too boot!  I’ll take it!  🙂

With my new-found success I decided to reward myself with a protein feast from Bob Evans. Bad idea.


So, I scrimped by on tuna and cucumbers most of the day, decidedly saving my ‘main’ protein feast for dinner. Really Bad idea. That’s two really bad ideas in one day. :-/  


By the time my dinner companion arrived and we got to the restaurant, it was late and I was super-hungry, but my body wasn’t craving a ‘quick fix’ like breads or sugars even though I was hungry, so I was grateful and happy that I’m no longer craving the ‘quick fixes’ that wheat and sugars provide.  No. I wanted PROTEIN–and LOTS of it!  🙂


Arrival and The Curse: So, we get to Bob Evans, look at the menu, and reality hits: Unlimited Bread with Any Entree!! To top it off you could choose their scrumptious BANANA bread!!  Biscuits, Rolls, Toast, BANANA Bread, you name it, you could have it–UNLIMITED!!!  


 To most, this would be a precious gift from the restaurant gods. To me, it was a curse of gianormous portions!


Even though there was no banana bread in my immediate vicinity, I could smell it.  Succulent, scrumptious, BANANA BREAD!! My dinner companion had mercy on me and as much as it was wanted, declined the bread so as to not torture me. 🙂  Now, THAT’s loyalty  😉  The menu was full of pictures of fluffy biscuits, banana bread, rolls and sweeeet rolls!  So, I put the menu down and my companion read the selections to me as I sat there salivating over the pics of the breads still fresh in my mind.


I decided on a salad, meat loaf (no gravy) and green beans with a half-portion of mashed potatoes and it was one of the best protein-laden meals I’ve ever had!  As a thank-you for not torturing me, I, discretely, bought my dinner companion an order of banana bread-to-go. 🙂   So, after slowly consuming 4 oz. of meatloaf, 3 oz. of green beans, and 4 oz. of mashed potatoes a little of the salad, and 6 oz. of water. I was stuffed–REALLY stuffed!!


My dinner companion ordered chocolate silk pie for desert and offered me some of the chocolate filling with whipped creme. I Never turn down chocolate anything, so I took a small taste–declined the rest because I found it way too sweet and I didn’t have room for even one more bite.


It’s been 6 hours and I’m still full, so all the ‘fill-er-up’ bread in the house is of no consequence to me at all  🙂


 Even though the pics and the smell was serious temptation, It’s a terrific feeling to know that on the 3rd day my body no longer is craving bread for bread’s sake! An unexpected bonus is there are No sugar cravings or desire either!  🙂  I’ll take the protein cravings any day over the wheat and sugar cravings  🙂

As a reminder that I’m headed DOWN and going in the Right direction (get ready with the wash-your-eyes-out soap)…


How about You??  What happened today in your world of food cravings?? 


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