Day Five: Confessions of a Cheater… (Sunday, 9/7/14)

…Well…I’m not sure this counts as ‘cheating’ on a Wheat, Corn & Oat free diet. Yes, oats as well–I’m counting them, even though I gave them up long ago due to a serious allergy issue. I like to be able to breathe without suffocating  😉  

                                                            cheating-2                                                                                                                       Nocheating

Anyhow, here’s the dish (no pun intended)…I was so ecstatic to find out that I’d lost 5 lbs. over the last 4 days, and as a reward for being so good for the last several days, I brought home some Pringles chips. Gasp! I know, right??  Bad, bad. me!  Oh Wait! Technically, that’s NOT cheating because they are made from potatoes, not wheat or corn, so, Voila! I’m justified! Just like that, right??  😉  

I guess the truth is in the weight-gain, so I’ll see the damage on the scale when wake up. Hopefully, I won’t have any weight gain…my lesson will be served if I don’t lose anything for today or tomorrow, as I’ve been steadily dropping a pound a day so far!!  I’m amazed at how immediate the results have been, even though the friends I have that have given up wheat said it was immediate and the pounds came off quickly!

                                                          YouAreBeautiful (1)_scale

I suppose if that is ALL I had eaten over the last ten hours, it would be okay, just this once, but I also downed a banana, a pear, some watered-down peach-mango juice, a cup of blueberries, 3 small sweet peppers, 2 Smoked sausages with  3 oz. of sauerkraut, 3 oz. of cheese and 2 small Reeses’ cups. Not all at once, mind you, they were small ‘mini’ meals and a snack (Reeses cups) throughout the day after I got home from Church. Since I crave protein like crazy, I’m trying to be diligent it getting enough of it into my diet, so I do not go back to craving grains, that, basically, turn to sugar in the digestion process.  I’m finding that just 4 oz. of protein eaten with a piece of fresh fruit and a 8 oz. glass of water keeps me satisfied for long periods of time  🙂


The good thing about this week is that I now have lots of different choices in my protein stash so I can mix it up and not get into the same ole, same ole rut  🙂  If you’re reading this Please post recipes!!  



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