Day Six: Chi Chi Chi CHIA!! (9/8/14–Monday)

…but not the famed Chia Pet that most of us have had and grown at one time or another, I could Never eat anything sooo darn cute!  Especially my lil Bella girl! 😉  


The Chia I’m excited about is Chia Seeds & also Ground Chia!! Most of us who are or are going Grain Free know how nutritious Chia sees are. But I discovered another amazing property! They are a nutritious high-protein way to bind batter together for baking! Just 1.5 tsp. of whole seeds mixed with 1/4 cup water (or Almond milk) produces the equivalent of 1 raw egg in binding batter for baking!!  If you use ground chia seeds only 1 tsp. mixed with 1/4 cup of water will do the job of 1 egg. Chia seeds bind molecules together to form a very light and thin gel-like binding agent that also adds a slight nutty texture and produces moist baked goods.  I tried a slightly modified version of a Paleo diet recipe for banana bread today and absolutely Loved the results!!  My modification added an eight tsp. of both Ginger and Nutmeg.  

No Grain Banana Bread by Dee

The concoction yielded 1 typical loaf, but I separated it out into 2 smaller loaf pans because I’m watching my portions, big-time, of ALL baked goods and ‘treats’.  I’m posting the link above.  I used Coconut Flour, so it was totally grain-free. When I make it again, however, I will add 2 tspns. vanilla instead of 1, along with about an ounce and a half of Stevia–a naturally plant-based sweetener (with 0 calories) grown mostly in Brazil. Care must be taken with Stevia because it is such a concentrated sweeter, I will also increase the Nutmeg and Ginger to 1/4 tspn.  I will also try Coconut oil instead of butter, although the butter worked very well. I just want to see if there is a difference in taste using Coconut oil along with Coconut four. Another modification will be to increase the Cinnamon to 2 1/2 tspns. I’ve always had trouble pronouncing Cinnamon, but I finally mastered the word by breaking it down to “Sin–Amen!”  haha!!  

                           Sin   AMEN                   

But while this ‘bread’ is scrumptious, it’s in No way ‘sin-ful’, which is the awesomeness of it!!  🙂  I believe it’s the most nutritious banana bread I’ve ever made or eaten!  🙂


I must be eating sooooo much healthier, because I have absolutely NO more cravings for wheat, corn, starches/carbs from grains, or refined sugar. That’s also true with chemically created artificial sweeteners.  I am the poster-child for the fact that artificial sweeteners actually help you GAIN weight, not lose it. Sigh.  


My Wheat-Free, Corn-Free, Oat-Free journey has become quite the Adventure… stay tuned in for tomorrow’s Big and Bodacious (yeah, I know, no-one has used that word since the 70s) Wheat-Free report!  🙂  Leave a Reply & let’s hear about YOUR Big Excellent Wheat and/or Grain-Free Adventure!  🙂



A special ‘Thanks’ to Diabeteshealth for the cartoon photo &Shout-out to  !!  🙂


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