Day Seven: Owwwwwweeee!! To Chia or Not to Chia?? (Tuesday, 9/9/14)

Hmmmmmm… after having been predominantly grain-free for the last 5 days, I incorporated Coconut Flour along with a high-protein Chia seed ‘binder’ to bind the ingredients together for baking (See Monday’s blog) in order to make banana bread.  The bread turn out delicious, and even more-so today after sitting for several hours. I, purposefully, made 2 mini-loaves and cut really small ‘banana bread mini-squares’ for portion control. This morning, after having eaten 3 of the really small squares yesterday, I woke up with some bloating and stomach pain.  So, now I’m wondering if the was the adding in of Coconut flour to my diet or the Chia-seed ‘binder’ that was the culprit behind this morning’s pain?


I think I may have ‘overdone it’ with the Chia seeds in the recipe, however, and I’m thinking it was too many Chia seeds on a stomach that had little prior exposure to them! Then, again, this was my first exposure to Coconut flour as well, so it may have been this, instead. The pain subsided after an hour or so and I haven’t had any since, thank heaven!  If anyone out here has any experience with either Coconut flour and/or Chia seeds causing bloating & stomach pain issues, please share with us!


Anyhow, I will try the banana bread again next week, and will cut back on the Chia seed ‘gel’ to see if that is the culprit. That said, today I woke up with more energy than I’ve had in nearly a year when it’s time to wake-up an get out of bed, along with energy that sustains for the long-haul! 


After the pain subsided (it was short-lived, only an hour or so) I had a terrific day, starting with scrambled eggs & a sausage patty for breakfast and then met up with a fabulous friend and we went putzing around Cambridge, OH and visited the Hop-a-long Cassidy museum (who knew?) and had lunch at this amazing restaurant on Wheeling St. that has been in business since 1931! The prices were amazing–just $5.49 for a really huge and delicioso grilled chicken salad!!  Had a small chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s on the way back to Chilitown and then stopped off and had the absolute Best beef and veggie soup with another dear friend near Gahanna for dinner.  I was amazed at the energy I had throughout the day, as I was up and out very early and didn’t arrive home until after 8 p.m.!!  But what a terrific day!!  🙂


Please share your experiences with Chia Seeds and Coconut flour so I’ll know if I’m right in suspecting either of them as this morning’s intestinal culprit(s)  🙂


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