Day Eight: Sandy, the Energizer Bunny! (Wednesday, 9/10/13)

Wow!!  Woke up early this morning and feel like I’ve been living in a Lightening Bolt, I’m so Energized!!


Just call me the Energizer Bunny!!  🙂   I’m truly amazed at my energy levels since dropping the wheat and corn from my food groups!!


I’m finding that I Really have to beware of Everything that I’m about to eat, though.  Started to have a Blueberry Greek Yogurt Parfait that had nuts sealed in the lid.  As I was mixing them into the yogurt, I realized and exclaimed “hey, these aren’t peanuts at all!” It was a mixture of ALL things wheat and oats, with Wheat Gluten spelled out in the ingredients along with corn syrup to round out the mixture!!  I REALLY wanted that blueberry yogurt, however, so I sucked the yogurt and blueberries off what turned into clumps of the mixture and spit the mixture out.  Gross to look at, likely, but as my Mom always used to say: “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way”.  😉


Or, my Dad’s version… “Where There’s a Will, there’s a bunch of family members and “long lost relatives” lined up with baseball bats in hand to hear it when you die”, haha!  😉

business people fighting over some us money

Anyhow, I got so much done with my new-found energy  that the day seems to be a blur. With the sucked-off yogurt for breakfast, and a salad with tuna & cheddar cheese for lunch, a cup of vanilla soft-serve ice-cream as a snack and a smoked sausage with two tblspns. of sauerkraut & a small sweet pepper for dinner, my energy was sustained throughout the day and I capped off the day with my son, Ben, and the Feed Ohio service project sponsored by Governor & Karen Kasich and my church walking door-to-door handing out paper grocery bags (thanks, Kroger!) and flyers for non-perishable donations for the food banks in Pike County.  🙂  A truly energetic day!!  I Love days like today, and hope I’ll see more of them!


Please drop a few words on the blog and share your experiences with increased energy levels as the correspond to the changes in your daily diet! 🙂


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