Day Nine: WHOOT! WHOOT!! Inches and Pinches (Thursday, 9/11/14)

Whoot!! It’s THURSDAY and, after just 9 Days without wheat and corn, I have an inch less to ‘pinch’ on my hips!!  I can actually feel the fat disintegrating from my abdomen and hips!!


It’s been nine days since I deleted wheat and cornmeal in any form from my diet and my energy levels are 80% higher than 9 days ago and my breads and sugar cravings have all vanished!!  I’m eating healthier than I ever have and it’s beginning to show!! 🙂  I have had rice only a couple of times in the last 9 days, so that isn’t a huge grain factor in my diet either. 🙂


That said, I’m going to up my daily supplementation of magnesium, calcium citrate and vitamin D, as my Doc and my research says they will augment my new daily diet and protect against bone and muscle loss, as I am losing inches and weight very rapidly once again 🙂  WHOOT!!!


Please share your successes with your INCHES and PINCHES–we would Love to Celebrate with you!!


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