Day Eleven: SIx Pounds Down!! Incredible!! (Saturday, 9/13/14)

Whew, what a hectic day!!  Up really early & out with the Feed Ohio campaign in Southern OH.  I continue to be amazed at everything I’m able to accomplish in a day now!  And…did I mention that I’m down a whopping 6 pounds in just 11 days?? Incredible!!  On Thursday, I did hip measurements and found I had lost an inch!  Tomorrow, I will do waist and bust measurements!  Just an FYI visual of what Six pounds of fat looks like:


Didn’t get home until late after picking up bags of food and delivering them to the local food pantry all morning, grocery shopping & shopping at the pet store for my adorable guinea-pig, Jacques, and then a movie (If I Stay) with my son, Ben, who I dropped off at his friend Casey’s house after.


Then off to see my dear Mom in the nursing home at 8 p.m. and home at 9:30.  This is a 13 hr. non-stop day outside the home–something I would not have been able to do just 12 short days ago!!  Just 12 days ago, I was continually lethargic and dragging with very little energy and wondering if I would ever feel like ‘me’ again. What a world of difference the last eleven days have made, not only in my energy levels, but in my endurance and what I am able to accomplish in a day’s time! And last, but not least, my disposition has also changed and I actually FEEL not only energized most of the time, but like I have some balance in my life now and so I’m radiating happiness!  🙂


On that note, it’s off to bed for me, because I have another early day tomorrow!  Stay tuned!!  Please post your experiences, recipes, etc.!  🙂



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