Day Eleven: SIx Pounds Down!! Incredible!! (Saturday, 9/13/14)

Whew, what a hectic day!!  Up really early & out with the Feed Ohio campaign in Southern OH.  I continue to be amazed at everything I’m able to accomplish in a day now!  And…did I mention that I’m down a whopping 6 pounds in just 11 days?? Incredible!!  On Thursday, I did hip measurements and found I had lost an inch!  Tomorrow, I will do waist and bust measurements!  Just an FYI visual of what Six pounds of fat looks like:


Didn’t get home until late after picking up bags of food and delivering them to the local food pantry all morning, grocery shopping & shopping at the pet store for my adorable guinea-pig, Jacques, and then a movie (If I Stay) with my son, Ben, who I dropped off at his friend Casey’s house after.


Then off to see my dear Mom in the nursing home at 8 p.m. and home at 9:30.  This is a 13 hr. non-stop day outside the home–something I would not have been able to do just 12 short days ago!!  Just 12 days ago, I was continually lethargic and dragging with very little energy and wondering if I would ever feel like ‘me’ again. What a world of difference the last eleven days have made, not only in my energy levels, but in my endurance and what I am able to accomplish in a day’s time! And last, but not least, my disposition has also changed and I actually FEEL not only energized most of the time, but like I have some balance in my life now and so I’m radiating happiness!  🙂


On that note, it’s off to bed for me, because I have another early day tomorrow!  Stay tuned!!  Please post your experiences, recipes, etc.!  🙂



Day Ten: Feelin’ the Burn & Rockin’ TGIF with Zzzzzzzzz! (Friday, 9/12/13)

Wow. It’s been Ten days since I went wheat and corn free and I’m actually feelin’ the fat-burn!!  It’s like my metabolism is now in high-gear and it’s burnin’ up the calories!!   It’s a weird and crazy, but welcome feeling!!  🙂  It’s like I’m exercising, but I’m not!


All this new-found energy is waking me up earlier and earlier on the plus-side, but also making me wear-out earlier as well, so I’m having to go to bed much earlier than I have been over the past several years. By the time I sit down to write the blog, I’m so tired I can’t stay awake and wind up falling asleep before I ever get it finished, lol.  Maybe my sleep schedule will become regulated to most folks’ ‘normal’, finally!!  It hasn’t been anywhere near the ‘most folks’ day/night sleep time in many years now.


On that note, I’m off to bed–have an early morning and lots to accomplish with the Feed Ohio Food Drive here in Southern Ohio!  🙂   Night Everybody!  Please leave a note with your experiences in Feelin’ the Burn–either through dietary changes and/or exercise  🙂


Day Nine: WHOOT! WHOOT!! Inches and Pinches (Thursday, 9/11/14)

Whoot!! It’s THURSDAY and, after just 9 Days without wheat and corn, I have an inch less to ‘pinch’ on my hips!!  I can actually feel the fat disintegrating from my abdomen and hips!!


It’s been nine days since I deleted wheat and cornmeal in any form from my diet and my energy levels are 80% higher than 9 days ago and my breads and sugar cravings have all vanished!!  I’m eating healthier than I ever have and it’s beginning to show!! 🙂  I have had rice only a couple of times in the last 9 days, so that isn’t a huge grain factor in my diet either. 🙂


That said, I’m going to up my daily supplementation of magnesium, calcium citrate and vitamin D, as my Doc and my research says they will augment my new daily diet and protect against bone and muscle loss, as I am losing inches and weight very rapidly once again 🙂  WHOOT!!!


Please share your successes with your INCHES and PINCHES–we would Love to Celebrate with you!!

Day Eight: Sandy, the Energizer Bunny! (Wednesday, 9/10/13)

Wow!!  Woke up early this morning and feel like I’ve been living in a Lightening Bolt, I’m so Energized!!


Just call me the Energizer Bunny!!  🙂   I’m truly amazed at my energy levels since dropping the wheat and corn from my food groups!!


I’m finding that I Really have to beware of Everything that I’m about to eat, though.  Started to have a Blueberry Greek Yogurt Parfait that had nuts sealed in the lid.  As I was mixing them into the yogurt, I realized and exclaimed “hey, these aren’t peanuts at all!” It was a mixture of ALL things wheat and oats, with Wheat Gluten spelled out in the ingredients along with corn syrup to round out the mixture!!  I REALLY wanted that blueberry yogurt, however, so I sucked the yogurt and blueberries off what turned into clumps of the mixture and spit the mixture out.  Gross to look at, likely, but as my Mom always used to say: “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way”.  😉


Or, my Dad’s version… “Where There’s a Will, there’s a bunch of family members and “long lost relatives” lined up with baseball bats in hand to hear it when you die”, haha!  😉

business people fighting over some us money

Anyhow, I got so much done with my new-found energy  that the day seems to be a blur. With the sucked-off yogurt for breakfast, and a salad with tuna & cheddar cheese for lunch, a cup of vanilla soft-serve ice-cream as a snack and a smoked sausage with two tblspns. of sauerkraut & a small sweet pepper for dinner, my energy was sustained throughout the day and I capped off the day with my son, Ben, and the Feed Ohio service project sponsored by Governor & Karen Kasich and my church walking door-to-door handing out paper grocery bags (thanks, Kroger!) and flyers for non-perishable donations for the food banks in Pike County.  🙂  A truly energetic day!!  I Love days like today, and hope I’ll see more of them!


Please drop a few words on the blog and share your experiences with increased energy levels as the correspond to the changes in your daily diet! 🙂

Day Seven: Owwwwwweeee!! To Chia or Not to Chia?? (Tuesday, 9/9/14)

Hmmmmmm… after having been predominantly grain-free for the last 5 days, I incorporated Coconut Flour along with a high-protein Chia seed ‘binder’ to bind the ingredients together for baking (See Monday’s blog) in order to make banana bread.  The bread turn out delicious, and even more-so today after sitting for several hours. I, purposefully, made 2 mini-loaves and cut really small ‘banana bread mini-squares’ for portion control. This morning, after having eaten 3 of the really small squares yesterday, I woke up with some bloating and stomach pain.  So, now I’m wondering if the was the adding in of Coconut flour to my diet or the Chia-seed ‘binder’ that was the culprit behind this morning’s pain?


I think I may have ‘overdone it’ with the Chia seeds in the recipe, however, and I’m thinking it was too many Chia seeds on a stomach that had little prior exposure to them! Then, again, this was my first exposure to Coconut flour as well, so it may have been this, instead. The pain subsided after an hour or so and I haven’t had any since, thank heaven!  If anyone out here has any experience with either Coconut flour and/or Chia seeds causing bloating & stomach pain issues, please share with us!


Anyhow, I will try the banana bread again next week, and will cut back on the Chia seed ‘gel’ to see if that is the culprit. That said, today I woke up with more energy than I’ve had in nearly a year when it’s time to wake-up an get out of bed, along with energy that sustains for the long-haul! 


After the pain subsided (it was short-lived, only an hour or so) I had a terrific day, starting with scrambled eggs & a sausage patty for breakfast and then met up with a fabulous friend and we went putzing around Cambridge, OH and visited the Hop-a-long Cassidy museum (who knew?) and had lunch at this amazing restaurant on Wheeling St. that has been in business since 1931! The prices were amazing–just $5.49 for a really huge and delicioso grilled chicken salad!!  Had a small chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s on the way back to Chilitown and then stopped off and had the absolute Best beef and veggie soup with another dear friend near Gahanna for dinner.  I was amazed at the energy I had throughout the day, as I was up and out very early and didn’t arrive home until after 8 p.m.!!  But what a terrific day!!  🙂


Please share your experiences with Chia Seeds and Coconut flour so I’ll know if I’m right in suspecting either of them as this morning’s intestinal culprit(s)  🙂

Day Six: Chi Chi Chi CHIA!! (9/8/14–Monday)

…but not the famed Chia Pet that most of us have had and grown at one time or another, I could Never eat anything sooo darn cute!  Especially my lil Bella girl! 😉  


The Chia I’m excited about is Chia Seeds & also Ground Chia!! Most of us who are or are going Grain Free know how nutritious Chia sees are. But I discovered another amazing property! They are a nutritious high-protein way to bind batter together for baking! Just 1.5 tsp. of whole seeds mixed with 1/4 cup water (or Almond milk) produces the equivalent of 1 raw egg in binding batter for baking!!  If you use ground chia seeds only 1 tsp. mixed with 1/4 cup of water will do the job of 1 egg. Chia seeds bind molecules together to form a very light and thin gel-like binding agent that also adds a slight nutty texture and produces moist baked goods.  I tried a slightly modified version of a Paleo diet recipe for banana bread today and absolutely Loved the results!!  My modification added an eight tsp. of both Ginger and Nutmeg.  

No Grain Banana Bread by Dee

The concoction yielded 1 typical loaf, but I separated it out into 2 smaller loaf pans because I’m watching my portions, big-time, of ALL baked goods and ‘treats’.  I’m posting the link above.  I used Coconut Flour, so it was totally grain-free. When I make it again, however, I will add 2 tspns. vanilla instead of 1, along with about an ounce and a half of Stevia–a naturally plant-based sweetener (with 0 calories) grown mostly in Brazil. Care must be taken with Stevia because it is such a concentrated sweeter, I will also increase the Nutmeg and Ginger to 1/4 tspn.  I will also try Coconut oil instead of butter, although the butter worked very well. I just want to see if there is a difference in taste using Coconut oil along with Coconut four. Another modification will be to increase the Cinnamon to 2 1/2 tspns. I’ve always had trouble pronouncing Cinnamon, but I finally mastered the word by breaking it down to “Sin–Amen!”  haha!!  

                           Sin   AMEN                   

But while this ‘bread’ is scrumptious, it’s in No way ‘sin-ful’, which is the awesomeness of it!!  🙂  I believe it’s the most nutritious banana bread I’ve ever made or eaten!  🙂


I must be eating sooooo much healthier, because I have absolutely NO more cravings for wheat, corn, starches/carbs from grains, or refined sugar. That’s also true with chemically created artificial sweeteners.  I am the poster-child for the fact that artificial sweeteners actually help you GAIN weight, not lose it. Sigh.  


My Wheat-Free, Corn-Free, Oat-Free journey has become quite the Adventure… stay tuned in for tomorrow’s Big and Bodacious (yeah, I know, no-one has used that word since the 70s) Wheat-Free report!  🙂  Leave a Reply & let’s hear about YOUR Big Excellent Wheat and/or Grain-Free Adventure!  🙂



A special ‘Thanks’ to Diabeteshealth for the cartoon photo &Shout-out to  !!  🙂

Day Five: Confessions of a Cheater… (Sunday, 9/7/14)

…Well…I’m not sure this counts as ‘cheating’ on a Wheat, Corn & Oat free diet. Yes, oats as well–I’m counting them, even though I gave them up long ago due to a serious allergy issue. I like to be able to breathe without suffocating  😉  

                                                            cheating-2                                                                                                                       Nocheating

Anyhow, here’s the dish (no pun intended)…I was so ecstatic to find out that I’d lost 5 lbs. over the last 4 days, and as a reward for being so good for the last several days, I brought home some Pringles chips. Gasp! I know, right??  Bad, bad. me!  Oh Wait! Technically, that’s NOT cheating because they are made from potatoes, not wheat or corn, so, Voila! I’m justified! Just like that, right??  😉  

I guess the truth is in the weight-gain, so I’ll see the damage on the scale when wake up. Hopefully, I won’t have any weight gain…my lesson will be served if I don’t lose anything for today or tomorrow, as I’ve been steadily dropping a pound a day so far!!  I’m amazed at how immediate the results have been, even though the friends I have that have given up wheat said it was immediate and the pounds came off quickly!

                                                          YouAreBeautiful (1)_scale

I suppose if that is ALL I had eaten over the last ten hours, it would be okay, just this once, but I also downed a banana, a pear, some watered-down peach-mango juice, a cup of blueberries, 3 small sweet peppers, 2 Smoked sausages with  3 oz. of sauerkraut, 3 oz. of cheese and 2 small Reeses’ cups. Not all at once, mind you, they were small ‘mini’ meals and a snack (Reeses cups) throughout the day after I got home from Church. Since I crave protein like crazy, I’m trying to be diligent it getting enough of it into my diet, so I do not go back to craving grains, that, basically, turn to sugar in the digestion process.  I’m finding that just 4 oz. of protein eaten with a piece of fresh fruit and a 8 oz. glass of water keeps me satisfied for long periods of time  🙂


The good thing about this week is that I now have lots of different choices in my protein stash so I can mix it up and not get into the same ole, same ole rut  🙂  If you’re reading this Please post recipes!!  


Day Four–Holy TWIZZLERS, Batman!! Everything’s Coming up Wheat!!! (Saturday, 9/6/14)

Day Four and I was nearly out of everything that didn’t contain wheat…or cornmeal…or significant amounts of sugars.  So I decided to make my first Wheat-Free stroll through the grocery store. I was amazed at how many foods contain wheat!!  The only non-chocolate candy I really love is Twizzlers.  Who knew they contained WHEAT??  TWIZZLERS…REALLY??  Also found some other no-nos like Corn Starch, Corn Syrup & Soy Lecithin!  No wonder I like them–they are made of everything that’s making me sick!  :-/

               Rainbow Twizzlers   Twizzlers-Licorice-Risk-Score-Diagram_dyediet

 I soon realized what I’d planned to be a mere 15 minutes in the store would become a nightmarish hour long marathon as I had to read every single label attached the foods I wanted to be sure it didn’t contain the naughty stuff!! So, since I’m still allowing myself at least one grain–Rice–I decided to see what I could find when I came across a box of pasta that was labeled “Wheat and Gluten Free!”.  I was so excited that I burst into the Hallelujah Chorus!!   Then, I began to read the label and found out it was a 100% CORN product!!  Aaarrrghh!!!  CORN, of All things!!  SIGH. Grrrrrrr!!  Nearly EVERYTHING in the store contained either Wheat or Corn.


 Since Aldi doesn’t carry Almond or Coconut Flour or Tapioca starch, I had to wait ’til I got to Walmart, because I live in a one-horse town wherein the 1 REAL organic/health food stores is only open for a short time on Saturdays!  😦


 So I drove over to Walmart since a good friend told me Walmart carries Almond and Coconut flour only to find my location carries only Coconut Flour. My friend was half-right. I found NO Almond flour, but boxes of Rice flour a jar of Coconut flour which I invested in along with some Chia & Flax seeds and a rice-based chocolate cake mix. Have never had a rice-tapioca starch based chocolate cake, so this should be interesting.   I’m hesitant, however, about trying these types of deserts and/or adding them into my nearly grain free diet, as the only grain I’m eating now is Rice and that’s not in flour-form, but already cooked. I’ll give it a try, but since I’ve already lost 4 lbs. in 4 days, (WHOOT!) I will keep it as a once-a-week treat if it works out well.


 I’ll let you know how it goes!  🙂  In the meantime, please share some of your favorite wheat-free and/or corn-free recipes  🙂 

Day Three: Eureka! It’s The Bob Evan’s Curse! (Friday, 9/5/14)

Eureka!! After three days of the new Wheat-Free Me, I’m down 3 lbs.!!


Granted, some of you may say that 2 lbs. is the typical fluctuating weight, and/or water-weight so it’s nothing to write home (or blog to others) about. However, I’ve weighed myself at the outset in every scenario possible. Wednesday, I was five pounds heavier with my typical clothes (no shoes). I was three pounds heavier without my typical clothes, meaning my clothes weigh nearly 2# themselves.


Accounting for clothing weight of 2# (without my typical sneakers) that leaves an actual 3# of the original 5#. So, even counting for a ‘typical’ 2# water-loss, I’m down a solid pound after 3 days–and NO bloated feeling too boot!  I’ll take it!  🙂

With my new-found success I decided to reward myself with a protein feast from Bob Evans. Bad idea.


So, I scrimped by on tuna and cucumbers most of the day, decidedly saving my ‘main’ protein feast for dinner. Really Bad idea. That’s two really bad ideas in one day. :-/  


By the time my dinner companion arrived and we got to the restaurant, it was late and I was super-hungry, but my body wasn’t craving a ‘quick fix’ like breads or sugars even though I was hungry, so I was grateful and happy that I’m no longer craving the ‘quick fixes’ that wheat and sugars provide.  No. I wanted PROTEIN–and LOTS of it!  🙂


Arrival and The Curse: So, we get to Bob Evans, look at the menu, and reality hits: Unlimited Bread with Any Entree!! To top it off you could choose their scrumptious BANANA bread!!  Biscuits, Rolls, Toast, BANANA Bread, you name it, you could have it–UNLIMITED!!!  


 To most, this would be a precious gift from the restaurant gods. To me, it was a curse of gianormous portions!


Even though there was no banana bread in my immediate vicinity, I could smell it.  Succulent, scrumptious, BANANA BREAD!! My dinner companion had mercy on me and as much as it was wanted, declined the bread so as to not torture me. 🙂  Now, THAT’s loyalty  😉  The menu was full of pictures of fluffy biscuits, banana bread, rolls and sweeeet rolls!  So, I put the menu down and my companion read the selections to me as I sat there salivating over the pics of the breads still fresh in my mind.


I decided on a salad, meat loaf (no gravy) and green beans with a half-portion of mashed potatoes and it was one of the best protein-laden meals I’ve ever had!  As a thank-you for not torturing me, I, discretely, bought my dinner companion an order of banana bread-to-go. 🙂   So, after slowly consuming 4 oz. of meatloaf, 3 oz. of green beans, and 4 oz. of mashed potatoes a little of the salad, and 6 oz. of water. I was stuffed–REALLY stuffed!!


My dinner companion ordered chocolate silk pie for desert and offered me some of the chocolate filling with whipped creme. I Never turn down chocolate anything, so I took a small taste–declined the rest because I found it way too sweet and I didn’t have room for even one more bite.


It’s been 6 hours and I’m still full, so all the ‘fill-er-up’ bread in the house is of no consequence to me at all  🙂


 Even though the pics and the smell was serious temptation, It’s a terrific feeling to know that on the 3rd day my body no longer is craving bread for bread’s sake! An unexpected bonus is there are No sugar cravings or desire either!  🙂  I’ll take the protein cravings any day over the wheat and sugar cravings  🙂

As a reminder that I’m headed DOWN and going in the Right direction (get ready with the wash-your-eyes-out soap)…


How about You??  What happened today in your world of food cravings?? 

Day Two: The Good Samaritan–Thursday, 9/4/14

Today was a challenge to stay away from Wheat. Wouldn’t you know that a good Samaritan brought me 2 loaves of honey- wheat bread and a pizza, seeing I had hardly no wheat or food left in my house the day before!  Yikes!! Beware of…


While I am sincerely grateful, and others in my household will surely eat it up, it made for a hugely tempting day knowing it was here in the house, seemingly, begging to be gobbled-up!   :-/    Despite the temptation, I stayed true to my wheat-free commitment having peaches for breakfast, tuna & cucumber slices for lunch and a grilled chicken in a salad for dinner. The need for that ‘full feeling’ carb rush is subsiding! 


Sad to say, however, while I should have rewarded myself for resisting temptation all day with an apple, (ironic, right?) that, instead, I consoled myself with a medium-sized macadamia-nut cookie (made with almond flour & Stevia, which was yum!) and a half-cup of vanilla soft-serve ice-cream after my son’s school open house tonight, probably negating any weight loss I had from being good the past couple of days.  Here I am lapping it up–enjoying to the max!  lol.


That said and done, even with the ice-cream consumption I’m feeling better and had a bit more energy today than the past couple of weeks, so I’ll take it!  🙂  My additional challenge is to not replace wheat with sugar-laden substitutes, despite the temptation to get my sugar fix via ice cream and increasing my dark chocolate intake!  Although I’m not a big sugar fan or consumer, I can see, after today, how easy it would be to do in exchange for that ‘quick carb fix’ that wheat provides, so I will have to watch that with the sugar-laden stuff, big-time! 


Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring in my new Wheat-Free world!  😉

Please share your challenges and/or what you are doing or have done to overcome these temptations!  🙂

Thanks to for the pic and to Stoyn Ice-cream for the personality-flavored ice-cream pops!  🙂